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You Shouldn’t Give Up On Finding True Love


You Shouldn’t Give Up On Finding True Love

You shouldn’t give up on finding true love.  You’ve probably been hurt and disappointed more times than you can remember.  You’ve placed all your hopes and dreams on that one person whom you thought was THE one who would bring you to that place of romantic joy and bliss only to have your heart shattered into a million tiny pieces.  You’re still not completely healed from all the heartache and pain that past relationships have caused you.

And still, I say to you, “Don’t give up on finding true love.

If you let bitterness and anger enter your heart, you’ll only be hurting yourself.  While it is understandable that you’d want to protect yourself from further hurt, shutting yourself out from the possibility of finding love will only leave you lonely and empty.

Understand that in life, you have the power to choose how circumstances will affect you.  When you do, you will have greater control over your emotions and your choices.  You will feel empowered and in charge of your own destiny.

woman in a loving relationship after not giving up on love

You need to recognize that you are going to make mistakes.  You may choose the wrong person, and this is why this individual ends up hurting you.  They were never the right one.  Forgive yourself for making the same mistake, learn from those mistakes and keep moving forward.

You Can Find True Love Again

Remember that the idea of a soulmate or having only one person who’s your true love is a fantasy.  You can’t pin your hopes on only one person.  You’re betting against yourself since the odds of that one person being the “one” are slim.  There will be many lovers who come and go.  It’s part of the selection and growing process.  You have to accept the fact that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince.

But from every heartbreak, every failed relationship, you can learn something and grow from it.  You can become a better lover, a better friend.  You can understand what mistakes you made and avoid them.

Turn the pain and the traumatic memories into opportunities for self-exploration and self-growth.  Don’t look at your future relationships in the light of your past ones.  Give new people a chance.

Go out.  Make new friends.  Find the beauty in life.  Find the joy, for there are plenty of virtuous endeavors that can occupy your time while you heal from the pain and heartache of failed relationships.

Go out.  Make new friends.  Find the beauty in life.  Find the joy, for there are plenty of virtuous endeavors that can occupy your time while you heal from the pain and heartache of failed relationships. Give of your time and your love to those who are less fortunate than you.  For remember that no matter how low you think you are, there are others in worse and more desperate situations than yourself.  Foster a spirit of love and of giving.  Send out these positive vibrations into the universe, and love will come back to you tenfold.

woman finding the beauty in life and not giving up on finding true love

Believe You Will Find Love Once Again

Remind yourself that just because you have not been successful in finding love, doesn’t mean you won’t ever find someone who truly loves you and connects with you in an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Believe in yourself.  You are worthy of finding love.  You are worthy of being loved. You are God’s perfect creation and you have a lot to offer.

Don’t give up on finding true love. There is someone out there this very minute who is praying to find someone just like you.

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