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What I Learned About True Love From Hallmark Christmas Movies


Every year I look forward to Hallmark’s Christmas movies. A predictable parade of characters, plots, and settings that somehow warms my heart and makes me want to move to those picturesque little Christmas towns in their far-away idyllic settings.  Everyone is beautiful. Everyone looks happy. There’s never any bad weather.   The towns are decked in tinsel and lights, garland, Christmas trees, and of course, a welcoming wreath at every door. These are the nostalgic, vintage small towns of yesteryear.  The Norman Rockwell-esque vignettes that capture the perfect slice of Christmas sentimental cheer. And there’s always a white Christmas to boot!

What I Learned About True Love from Hallmark Christmas Movies

hallmark movie town decked out for christmas

And while these movies follow a very predictable formula, there’s something quite comforting about watching familiar actors in a tender storyline that makes true love the real protagonist.

So Why Do I (And Most of America) Love Hallmark Christmas Movies?

Hallmark Christmas movies dominate the ratings during the holiday season.  People can’t seem to get enough of them.  Probably because of their escapist nature:  there is no violence, no cursing, no political references, no evil lurking around the shadows. But there is a lot of snow, puppies, wreaths, cookies, tinsel, good-looking people, and family-friendly story lines.

These Christmas movies are sweet, safe, and endearing.  And the more I watch, I’ve realized that they’ve actually taught me something about romance and love.

4 Things Hallmark Movies Have Taught Me About True Love

  1. You can find love in the most unexpected places.  Hallmark movies are more than just the traditional girl meets boy love story.  Usually, the heroine is in a romantic or career rut.  Her fast-paced life is getting the better of her and she ends up in a quaint little town with names such as Hollyvale, Christmastown, Kringleville, and Cookie Jar-you get the picture (no pun intended!).  This harried young woman is not looking to find love, but she meets such a nice and attractive guy that Cupid or the Christmas angels work their magic to create love.
  2. Give the nice guy from a small town a chance. About that nice guy in the Hallmark movies, he’s level-headed, takes care of his family, loves pets, and serves the community.  A perfect package rolled up into a made-for-TV man? Yes, but here are some takeaways:  our heroine is not immediately interested because she has a high-powered boyfriend back in the big city so she overlooks this “nice” guy but as time goes on, she realizes that this man from the provincial town has the qualities to make her happy.  
  3. Take a little help and advice from your friends and family. Fortunately for our heroine, she is surrounded by friends and family who have her best interest and can see beyond what she can’t.  They steer her in the right direction and give her solid sound advice.  What a blessing!
  4. Turn to supernatural help when you need it.  There’s always a little Christmas magic to go around.  Either Santa works his magic or a Christmas angel appears to lend a hand. The lesson here is there is always a higher power or source that can help us when we’re in trouble and that faith is the guiding principle that moves us toward achieving a better life and ultimately finding true love.

I must concede that Hallmark movies exaggerate the romantic ideals of love.  They don’t show the messy parts, the arguments, the heartbreak. Many have criticized the cliche plot lines. But they do focus on the common theme that love does conquer all. They give us a temporary respite from the real world by taking us into the endearing world of romance, bliss, and the ultimate happy ending.  

hallmark movie about a bride who finds true love

And Hallmark movies have renewed my sense of wonder and faith.  They make me believe that there is such a thing as true love. Everyone can find their true love if they open their hearts, slow down and accept that love lies waiting in unexpected places.  Your friends and family probably know you very well.  That nice guy they want you to meet? Give him a chance.  He could be Mr. Right.  At least, in the world of Hallmark…and maybe even in this one!

So go ahead and set your DVR to your Hallmark channel.  A lovely romantic Christmas movie is playing right now! I know my Hallmark channel is turned on 24/7.  It is my happy place.

Here’s the 2020 Hallmark Christmas Movie schedule. You’re welcome!

2020 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule