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Weird Dating Trends and Terms You Should Know and Probably Avoid


Okay, so you thought that trying to find your one true love was hard enough, and now add to the mix having to become familiar with all the crazy dating trends and the slang used to define those trends.

Unsurprisingly, some of these terms are used to describe trends and actions that were around since cavemen courted cavewomen (no they didn’t really club their women and yank them by the hair) and are actually harmless but some are downright toxic, rude, and dangerous.

Become familiar with these dating terms and trends and use caution, especially when on an online site.

Weird Dating Trends and Terms You Should Know and Probably Avoid

Bae–a shortened form for “babe”

Benching–This one originates from the sporting world.  When an athlete is benched he is still on the team but is not currently playing. Well, if your love interest “benches” you, they can still text, tweet, establish contact and kind of string you along but never really ask you out. It’s the old backburner routine. They’re leading you on by sitting you on the bench.

Breadcrumbing–Again, this is another way of stringing you along. They throw crumbs your way to keep you interested but nothing comes of it. They may like one of your social media posts or send you sexy text messages. They lure you by throwing flirty “breadcrumbs” your way but nothing comes of it.

Breezing–When you ignore conventional dating rules and speak your mind from the beginning of the relationship, you’re breezing. It’s about being honest and carefree and letting the chips fall where they may sort of attitude. This one is actually a good thing!

Caspering–This is kind of like ghosting except you let them down gently before totally going off the map.

Conscious Uncoupling–Divorce without attitude. Ending a relationship and both parties are okay and accepting. It’s a friendly divorce.

Cuffing Season–It gets cold during autumn and winter. And single people are looking for a partner to stay warm with to get them through the cold months. But come the warmer months, it’s sayonara and they’re happily single again.

Due to the increase in online dating sites, dating has become more complicated. But if you are savvy and know the pitfalls that may await, you can protect your heart and your sanity.

Cushioning–This is when someone keeps a cushion on their dating options. They keep several prospects that they date, flirt with, text. If one falls through, they have a “cushion” they can fall back to.

Cricketing–You ignore your loved one’s texts. They know you read them, but you don’t reply…Rude!

Cryptomancer–This person will immediately go on to chat about BitCoin and any cryptocurrency out there…Boring!

DM-When you “slide into DMs” you subtly go from public messaging on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and move onto the more private Direct Message format.

Drafting Season–You’ll be dating more seriously before the holidays arrive. You’re drafting potential partners in preparation for cuffing season.

DTR-Define the relationship

Fauxbae’ing–Inventing a fake lover, a dream boyfriend or girlfriend.

Flexting–You’re basically flirting via text messages.

Free Climbing–You’re stalking someone you met online and won’t stop until you uncover something shocking.

Weird Dating Trends You Should Watch Out For

girl on online dating site who has been ghosted by the person she was texting

Ghosting: I was so sure he liked me. Why haven’t I heard from him?

Friends with Benefits No Strings Attached–You’re having sex with a friend and it’s just that…sex.  No strings attached because it’s meaningless.

Ghosting–They suddenly cut all communication without any explanation.

Ghostbusting–When someone ghosts you, you continue to text them until they’re so annoyed at you they either block you or tell you to stop. At least you have closure.

Haunting–Someone who once ghosted you is still showing up on your social media, liking your posts, or watching your Instagram story. Spooky!

Kittenfishing–Kind of like catfishing in a nice way. You try to come across so perfectly that the person you’re portraying is not really you.

Love Bombing–You are clearly being manipulated to believe that the love bomber is in love with you but this “love” quickly turns to abusive manipulation and the relationship fizzles out as quickly as it started.

Marleying–When your date has ghosted you but gets in touch with you during Christmas, just like A Christmas Carol’s ghost Marley.

Some of these terms are millennial slang for dating trends that have been around forever.  Other trends are downright mean, rude, and manipulative and those on dating sites should go in with eyes wide open.


Micro-cheating–These are behaviors that stop short of actual physical intimacy and cheating, but it’s still technically cheating.

Monkeying–Like a monkey who bounces around from vine to vine, this person goes from relationship to relationship.

Negging–A very manipulative and underhanded tactic, the manipulator will give you a backhanded compliment in order to lower your self-esteem and you, in turn, will seek out your manipulator’s approval.

Netflix and Chill–basically you’re hooking up

One-hit-wonder–He (or she) seems perfect at first but as the relationship starts to get serious, they bail!

Phubbing–You’re probably guilty of this one:  you’re snubbing your date for your phone. You’d rather be on your phone than engage with the other person.

Printing–Y0u were free climbing and left a digital footprint so now they know what you did.

Serendipidating–Yeah, you’re putting off going out with him in the hopes that something or someone better comes along.

Sexting the Water–Your bae subtly tries to sext you but in a non-obvious way.

More Annoying Dating Trends To Look Out For

a guy with a beard is the victim of shaveducking because the girl only likes him for his beard

Shaveducking: I’m pretty sure you only like me for my beard!

Shaveducking–You are attracted to him just because he has a beard

Sidebarring–It’s a super rude act that most people are guilty of. You’re in full conversation with someone and suddenly they turn to their phone and seemingly ignore you.

Stashing–Your new guy is stashing you all to himself, so much so that he does not introduce you to his friends, family…you get the picture.

Submarining–Well, think of someone who’s ghosted you and then reappears out of nowhere. They’re submarining.

Talking–You’re getting to know someone who may have long-term potential.

Vacuum-sealed–Your new found love smothers you to the point that you feel suffocated, thus vacuum-sealed.

Zombie-ing–Just like submarining, they ghosted you and now came back from the dead.

Advice About These Weird and Wacky Dating Trends

If you’re serious about meeting a quality person, make sure that you go on online dating sites armed with the knowledge that things are not always as they seem. There are all sorts of people out there who are not very nice and are only playing the game. Protect yourself from scammers and fraudsters. And try not to take too much at face value at first. It’s the best way to protect yourself from getting hurt.

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As for these trends and terms, I’m sure I left out plenty of them since these terms are constantly evolving and new ones are being coined. Let me know some of your favorites in the comments below!