Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore Review

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Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore is a program that will help you save a relationship that’s worth saving.  I say that because not all relationships are worth going back to and sometimes it’s better to move on. But if you can think of the happy moments, those moments that make you smile, those moments of longing for the other person, then there’s a chance that you could get back together and salvage your relationship.

Of course, there are obviously many, if not one, reasons why your relationship didn’t work out, and in his course, Text Your Ex Back, Michael Fiore will take you through some deep reflection and soul searching to figure out what happened and how you could get back on track.


Program In a Nutshell


  • Who is it for?:  Men AND Women who want to get back with an ex
  • What Problem Does it Solve?: You want to get back with your ex (doesn’t matter who broke up)
  • Recommended?:  YES! (If a product is reviewed on this site, I recommend it.  I don’t review and recommend every single product in the relationship/dating space. If you don’t see it here, I don’t think it’s worth your money and time.)
  • Will it Work for Everyone?:  NO! Read why there are circumstances when you SHOULDN’T get back with your ex.

Are You Ready to Learn More About this Amazing Program?  Let’s Get Started with the Full Comprehensive Review!

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Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore Review

Have you gone through a break-up but still think of the past relationship? It’s common to think about past relationships and break-ups and to ponder on the what ifs.

Do you ever wonder if there is a chance that you two could get back together?

Going through a break-up and still thinking about your ex can be a painful experience.  Often times, it was a good relationship with a lot of possibilities but for some reason, things went wrong and we often wonder “what if?”.  What if I had a second chance? What if he/she knew I am a changed person.  So if you’ve had a failed relationship that you want to get back on track, Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Program may be right for you.

Michael Fiore is one of the leading relationship gurus.  With over 15 years of experience in the love and romance field, Michael has put together numerous programs such as How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love and Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever to help thousands of people mend their relationships and ultimately find true love.  He has been interviewed in multiple radio and television programs including Fox, CBS, and the Rachael Ray show.

This course is so much more than just sending text messages to manipulate another person.   It really makes you delve into your broken relationship and analyze the things about it that were positive and also what possibly went wrong.  This is really relationship coaching at its best.


Watch the video clip of Michael Fiore when he appeared on the Rachael Ray show.


Text Your Ex Back Review

As with all of Michael’s products, Text Your Ex Back offers a comprehensive path to find your way back into your ex’s heart.  This time through text messaging.  Michael has used his own experiences and those of his many happy clients to put this course together. Through text messaging, you will learn the most effective way and the most timely way to communicate and not communicate with your ex.

Of course, in today’s digital world, texting is the preferred method of communication for most people. Some reasons are:

  • Convenience—it’s easier and less intrusive to simply text someone and allow them the time to respond no matter where they are.
  • Flexibility—A text can be answered during a meeting at the workplace, at school, at church, where a phone call couldn’t
  • Privacy—A text message can offer privacy and discreetness since people won’t be overhearing your conversation.

Obviously, many things can influence the positive advantages of texting, but Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back has taken out a lot of the pitfalls and given us an effective program for reconnecting with our exes.

What this course does:

  1. Boost your self-esteem
  2. Understand why your relationship did not work out
  3. Remember the positive things about your relationship
  4. Alter the power structure of the relationship
  5. Customize the texts based on the dynamics of the past relationship
  6. Avoid pitfalls that led you to break up in the first place
  7. When, Where, and How you should send the texts



When you first start on this course, you won’t know what to expect.  It’s normal to be a bit skeptical since you don’t want your ex to think you’re desperate or stalking him.  But, this course is so much more than just sending text messages to manipulate another person.   It really makes you delve into your broken relationship and analyze the things about it that were positive and also what possibly went wrong.  This is really relationship coaching at its best.

This course is so well developed, it’ll blow your mind.  Michael doesn’t just provide you with a stock set of text messages.  Rather, you will get customized text messages depending on your ex’s mood.

  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Indifferent

This course puts YOU in control of the relationship and the goal is to ultimately steer the conversation in a way that YOU want it to go and get you back with your ex.

Let’s Jump Right In!

The course has 11 Multi-Media Modules.   You can choose to listen via MP3 download on your phone, tablet, Kindle, etc., or if you like eyes to paper like me, you can download the PDF guide.

Michael will take you step-by-step and he’s very motivating and easy to listen to with a friendly approach to the course.

What Can You Expect from the course?

text your ex back full set display with bonuses

Module 1             Introduction—This is simply an introduction of the course:  Michael introduces himself and gives an outline of who should use the program and just as importantly, who should NOT use the program.  Here in the Introduction, Michael talks about the 30-day No-Contact Stipulation.  This is very important since you want to position yourself and learn the course before you begin with the texts.  Of course, there are exceptions to the 30-day No-Contact Stipulation.  If you MUST communicate with your ex for reasons due to having children, work, financial responsibilities, then you can still communicate, just not implementing the program yet.

Module 2             The Dumper and The Dumped—What is the Real Reason You Broke UP??? This Module is essential in identifying the causes of your breakup.  This lays the foundation and the groundwork for future texts that you will use in the course.  You’ll go through different scenarios to get to the root of the causes because like I said, this is not simply a list of texts.  This is relationship coaching and you need to understand yourself and your relationship before you go and try to get back your ex.  The topic of cheating is also addressed in this module.  Cheating doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker and Michael addresses how to deal with this if it was the cause of your breakup.

Module 3             The Big Goal—What Do You Want from Your New Relationship?  You want to reconnect and re-establish your relationship, but WHY?? This is important.  Michael will take you to a series of exercises that will help you dig down deep and reflect on what you really want and why you want to go back to someone that didn’t work out in the first place. Michael uses visualization techniques to propel you into the future of the relationship and see yourself in the optimal place with your rekindled love.

Module 4             Flight Check—Ready for Take Off?  Here’s where you need to assess if you’re mentally and emotionally ready to do this.  Michael will give you mental exercises to prepare you for renewed contact with your ex.  Remember that Michael is a relationship expert and most all possible scenarios are anticipated, so that should inspire confidence that you can’t really mess this up.

Module 5             Text Judo—The Use of Positive and Negative Emotional Intensity—In this module, Michael will have you write out the good moments and experiences from your relationship.  Here you will learn the steps to enacting verbal judo via text messages that will disarm your ex.  What you learn here will weave the tapestry for the text messages you will be sending your ex.  All will be broken down with plenty of examples for you to follow in an easy to understand way.

Module 6             Across the Bow—Think of this at FIRST CONTACT.  This can make or break the budding relationship.  Get ready because the program fully kicks in giving you a detailed outline of how, what, and when you should be texting your ex. Not only will you be given sample texts and formulas, but you will also be guided with your replies so that you are always strategically moving toward the end goal of rekindling your relationship.  This is not a cookie cutter set of texts, but adapted to your style of communication and dynamics with your ex.

Module 7             Prepping the Soil—Just like you would prep the soil before planting your seeds so that you ensure a bountiful harvest, so you must prep your ex’s emotional “soil”.  By sending effective emotionally laden text messages, you will begin to stir up positive memories and associations in his or her mind.

Module 8             The Green-Eyed Monster, or GEM texts—Yes, jealousy is usually thought as a negative emotion but in this module, you will learn how to use jealousy to get your ex-lover to want you again.  Jealousy is used positively in this module to spark that sexual desire and to want your ex to want you again.  It’s an artful form of psychological manipulation in the best way:  make your ex want what another wants:  YOU.

Module 9             Planting the Seeds—This is the time to show your ex that you are a wonderfully supportive person and that you are there for him or her to offer emotional support.  This will provide a deeper emotional connection and let your ex know that you will be there during the difficult time.

Module 10           Reaping the Harvest—This is What You’ve Worked For—Now is the time to communicate deeply, to spark sexual attraction and desire, and to even have physical contact.  Michael guides you through this module and this phase of Text Your Ex Back.

Module 11           Texting Steady—You’re Back with Your Ex—In this last module, Michael shows you how to keep the romance going.  Communication is the key to building a strong and long-lasting relationship.


Who is this course for?

  • Any man or woman who wants to rekindle the romance and mend a broken relationship.
  • Any man or woman who is shy and needs guidance on how to
  • Any man or woman who is patient and willing to follow the system

Who Is it not for?

  • Your relationship was physically or mentally abusive
  • Your ex has specifically told you NEVER to contact him or her
  • You won’t do the work required in the course
Pros and Cons of Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back


  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Follow
  • Member Support Forum
  • Multi-Media Formats
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Amazing Customer Service


  • Modules released one at a time
  • May not work for everyone
  • Requires a disciplined approach
  • Requires “Homework”

Does  Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Work?  The answer is YES.

Although Michael makes it clear that this course will not work for everyone, it will work for most if you follow the guidelines carefully and diligently.  The good thing about this course is that it will help you gain insight into your own state of mind and analyze your past relationship.  After following the course, you will know and understand what went wrong in your past relationship and what you would do differently.

Will I Definitely Get Back with My Ex After Using This Program? NO

As with all good things that are worth fighting for and putting in the time and effort, Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back will help you get back together with your ex if you show some willpower (you can’t break Michael’s rules), patience (getting back with your ex will not happen overnight—it’ll take about two months to complete the course),  and persistence. However, you must understand that there are other factors that are underlying as to the cause of your breakup that may not be addressed in this course.  You may also realize after going through the course that you’ve grown as a person and don’t want to get back together with your ex.

What we do know from the hundreds of testimonials of happy people who have gone through Michael’s course is that they are stronger now as individuals and feel more empowered in their romantic relationships.  Michael’s system is developed to take all the guesswork and difficulty away when trying to get back with your ex.

Start Getting Your Ex Back Today if You’re Really Serious About Rekindling Your Relationship!



Sometimes we don’t realize what we’ve lost until we lose it and perhaps your ex was your one true love.  If this is the case, getting back together should be the goal and this program can put you on the right path.

If you want to take your relationship to the next level, don’t forget to check out my review of Kissing Magic, How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love and Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire.  These are powerful programs that help women master the art of seduction.