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Dispelling the Myth: All the Good Men Aren’t Taken


Every time I speak to one of my habitually single girlfriends, I hear them bemoan the “fact” that every guy they meet is either a creep, a loser, a pervert, unemployed, commitment-phobic, married, or gay.  They constantly whine and lament the dearth of eligible single men and that the reason they are single is that ...

Your Unrealistic Expectations Are Hurting Your Chances of Finding True Love


Ever since we were little girls we have been bombarded with cultural messages promoting the same myth: a woman finding her prince charming.  Whether we heard about it in fairy tale books, watched the obligatory Disney princess movies, read the romance novels (who remembers Harlequin Romance?), or watched romantic comedies, it was there. Someday her ...

The Importance of Kissing in a Healthy Relationship


The importance of kissing in a relationship cannot be underscored enough.  Of course, kissing feels good and when we are attracted to someone or when we are in love, we kiss to show affection, peace, friendship, passion, sexual desire, and love. The Importance of Kissing in a Healthy Relationship Think about your first kiss. Wasn't it magical?  ...