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Romantic Gestures That Go A Long Way


Men usually get a bad rap when it comes to romance and romantic gestures, but the reality is that men are pretty romantic at heart.  They just don’t always show it in the “love language” that women speak and understand.  Whether this is a fair assessment or not, men know that women like to be wooed in the early stages of the relationship and they do a pretty good job at it.  However, as a relationship moves along and they feel secure, some men seem to forget how they actually worked at making their lady feel special.

Well, it’s no secret that women (and everyone, really!) love to feel appreciated and thought of. And that’s what this post is about.  Romantic gestures that will go a long way in showing your girlfriend or wife that you love her, that she is appreciated, and that you’re thinking about her.

Some tiny gestures don’t cost much and many don’t cost a thing.  But they do have one thing in common:  they share an element of surprise and thoughtfulness.  Your lady is not expecting anything but is surprised at the unexpected nature of your action.  Remember the old adage that actions speak louder than words?  True love‘s actions speak louder than words! Your actions will wow and bring happiness to your woman and, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or her birthday to turn up the romance.   It’s the everyday details, the little things that add up to make special moments and build a lifetime of memories.  These little things are what will get your woman to love you more and more every day.  So get your pencil ready to take notes!

Romantic Gestures Men Can Do For the Women They Love

~Run a nice warm bubble bath and have a glass of wine ready for her.

~Give her a massage.

~Finish (or start) something on the “honey-do” list.

~Make dinner for her.

~Post a love note on her steering wheel first thing in the morning.

~Admit that you can’t fix that leaky faucet and call someone to do it.

~Rub her feet when she gets home from work.

~Brush and play with her hair.

~Plan an unexpected weekend getaway.

~Hold her when she cries.

~Plan a surprise staycation.

heart-shaped box filled with chocolate candy and pink roses showing a romantic gesture

Don’t wait for a special occasion. A “just because” gift is always appreciated.

More Romantic Gestures for Your Lady

~Cook her favorite meal (or order take-out) and set the table with nice china and candles.

~Listen to her and don’t try to “fix it”

~Clean up after yourself.

~Make her coffee in the morning and bring it to her in bed.

~Make her breakfast in bed.

~Get her a “just because” card with a handwritten love statement.

~Pay her a compliment in front of others.

~Write a love letter and actually mail it to her.

~Clean her car.

~Fill her gas tank.

~Fill her love tank.

~Open the car door for her.

~Open any door for her.

~Bring her a box of chocolates.

~Bake her some cupcakes.

~Go and get her chicken soup when she’s sick, or better yet, make it from scratch.

~Bring her flowers.

~Always kiss her goodbye.

~Always kiss her hello.

~Watch a romantic movie together and let her pick it.

~Text her that you’re thinking about her.

~Speak kind words about her when she’s not around.

~Watch her favorite Hallmark Christmas movie together.

chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting that a man has made for his woman as romantic token

Make some sweets for your sweet.

Romantic Gestures Go a Long Way!

So here you have them.  I’ll be sure to add a few more periodically so make sure you check back occasionally.  In the meantime, pick a few ideas you know you’re partner will like.

And let me know how it goes in the comment section below!

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