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Focus on the Positive: How to Strengthen Your Relationship During Quarantine


Different emotions can be experienced about the Coronavirus pandemic spreading. Many people have to be together all day long. However, there is something positive about everything. This article will tell you how to maintain a positive mood so as not to harm your relationship.

Maintain a Positive Mood to Strengthen Your Relationship

It will take a while before people are comfortable getting together again at some social events, but we will come back to this anyway. People enjoy being around other people. We are lucky that this pandemic happened in the technological age. At least we have Dating Rating to diversify our romantic experience and Netflix to spend time with. Technology allowed us to maintain communication, celebrate holidays, family events, and continue to work. If this had happened 20 years ago, we would have had much worse. We do not think that the current situation gives an idea of our life in the future.

a person using an iphone to communicate with loved ones during quarantine

We all are social creatures. Technology is great, but not a substitute for the ways most of us love to interact. So, as soon as it becomes possible, we will begin to come together again, not virtually, but in the real world. Until this happens, we need to maintain a positive mood towards life, the general situation, and relationships. 

Positive mood and quarantine

It isn’t easy to maintain a positive mood and emotions in the current environment, especially facing economic and political events. However, if people in a crisis fix their thoughts only on failures and losses, they will multiply. If it is difficult to find something positive, try to reason like this: what am I gaining under the circumstances?

  • Assigned to remote work? It is an opportunity to spend more time at home and devote it to the arrangement of home comfort.
  • Were kids sent to remote education? It is an opportunity to spend more time with them and get closer.
  • Are you afraid that the disease will affect you and worry about your health? It is an opportunity to undergo an unscheduled medical examination and strengthen your immune system.

Positive mood and working from home

If you find yourself in a situation where your work and your kid’s education has turned into remote, we recommend you to treat it as a temporary aspect and benefit from it.

There is a category of people who are very unwilling to go to work every day. They would prefer to carry out their duties at home, in a comfortable environment. For such people, remote work is an opportunity to stay in their preferred conditions.

If you continually strive to break free from home and now are forced to work remotely, we recommend treating this period as a test of strength, having organized a workspace for yourself as comfortably as possible.

organized workspace for people working from home

Positive mood and relationships

You cannot wake up with sadness one day – it accumulates slowly. Motivation and self-esteem collapse, hopelessness rolls over. Monotony and incomprehensibility of the situation can destroy the positive mood and self-efficacy of even the most successful and happy person.

We all understand that our positive mood and negative mood affect our relationships. When we spend more time with our partners, it is essential to maintain harmony both in ourselves and between each other. We offer you five ways to keep your relationship alive during a pandemic.

5 Tips to Improve the Relationship Through a Positive Mood Regulation

woman showing a positive mood by meditating and improving her relationships

Set Shared Goals 

Both short-term and long-term motivation will do, although it is difficult to set big goals now. In the process of achieving it, it will bring you closer, inspire you, make it possible to feel like harmonious and compatible partners. It can be anything from buying a chair to having a baby. The main thing is that it is interesting for both of you.

Stop Comparing

It is difficult these days because social networks dictate the “fashion for happiness”, while at the same time frightening the situation in society. Many people have the feeling that others have a lush, exciting life, and you have a boring one. But this is not the case! No need to dwell on other people’s examples. A lot in our life depends on what we think of ourselves. Create a positive mood, and it will come back to you.

Get Fresh Emotions

Even if your everyday life now induces as many hormones of happiness as going to the hardware store for a new mop, a joint dose of endorphin unites. So look for it together and get a positive mood effect. Anything from board games to extreme sex is as fine as emotional doping. Your brain remembers who was there at the time of the positive emotional shock.

Don’t Ruin Your Desires

How often do you think about what you really want? Don’t replace “I want” with “I have to.” Otherwise, you can drive yourself into the routine of everyday life: now I will finish the work, then wash the dishes (ah! I would like to have a glass of wine and go to the cinema instead), iron the shirts… Not quite positive mood pictures, huh? As a result, you are tired and do not want either wine or a movie, even in your dreams.

Become the Author of Your Story

A positive mood is an essential condition. If you are satisfied with yourself, then a special area is created around you. You attract good things into your life. To do this, you need to develop self-confidence. Learn to appreciate yourself, and the world around you will respond in kind. Remember that your partner loves his condition next to you and is ready to move mountains for you.


The last months have completely changed life on the entire planet. Forced isolation without the ability to travel can be a difficult test for relationships between couples, parents, and children. Many emotions may intensify regarding the changing life or lack of career success in people living alone during this period.

Self-isolation becomes a lot of stress for people and a real test of relationships. Family psychologists have shown you positive and negative mood examples and given you effective advice on overcoming isolation while maintaining a positive mood and a healthy relationship. We hope these tips will help you.

Please tell us how you maintain a positive mood and harmony in your relationship during a pandemic. What advice do you find most helpful? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.