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Finding True Love Unexpectedly


Some Wisdom About Finding True Love Unexpectedly

There is a saying that love happens when one least expects it. Most single people who are looking for a partner find this saying both comforting and annoying. It seems like a nice thought to find love when you least expect it, but how can you not expect it when you are actively looking for it?

Finding True Love Unexpectedly

Today, many people find that the main way to meet a significant other is through dating apps. A few minutes and a few swipes is all it takes to make dates for a whole week. For many dating venturists, this can be overwhelming and be overstimulating at the same time. The reality is that it is possible to find someone relatively easily with the help of an app or two. But, that does not make finding true love unexpectedly any easier.

What is behind the theory that love happens when someone least expects it? What if you are expecting it? Does that mean you are hexing yourself or somehow keeping love from finding you? The answers are complicated but let’s start with what happens when you are looking and you are expecting love.

If you are obsessed with finding the perfect partner or even a soul mate, you could be setting yourself up for failure without meaning to do so. There might be several people who are ideal for you in just about every way. Remember, no one is perfect – not even that person you end up falling for. They may seem perfect in every way when you first fall for them but eventually, reality sets in and a real relationship and bond take over where dizzying feelings of love once were.

If you set your sights too high, it can mean you literally end up overlooking a person who is ideal for you. If they do not meet your strict criteria, and many people may not if you have specifics in mind, you will pass them up without even trying to get to know them. You could be missing out on finding true love if you do this.

Many people are obsessed with finding the perfect partner. But, it is often that the best relationships are ones that happened by chance. Sure, you cannot expect to swipe your way to marriage using an app. You actually have to get out there and meet people. But usually, when you are having a good time, you relax more both physically and mentally. You drop your pretenses about finding perfect love, and guess what is likely to happen?

You end up meeting a special someone. A partner is not going to infuse you or your life with happiness. You have to cultivate a state of happiness from within. A good, healthy relationship will certainly add joy to your life, but you do not want to seek a partner because you need them to do the job of filling up an empty hole inside.

Have an idea of the values that you want another partner to possess like kindness, honesty or fearlessness. You and the person you do fall in love with will have similar values. You may have different interests, but similar values are the cornerstone of a solid relationship – one that can last a lifetime.

Finding True Love When You Least Expect It

Finding true love unexpectedly happens when you are having so much fun being yourself, finding yourself, enjoying yourself and doing it while trying new things and meeting new people. When you try very hard to find love, you tend to become myopic about what you see in every person. He is too short. She is not vegan. You find fault with others in ways that could be keeping you from finding a hidden treasure inside another person’s heart and soul.

Get out and date. Take up a new language or learn to dance. Focus on bettering yourself in your career. While you do these things and continue to date, you will eventually find yourself with a special person with whom you do fall in love with.

It is when you get too proactive about making love happen that you might focus too intently on your likes and dislikes. You might overlook someone who has a few things missing off your essential list but who has much more than you could have ever dreamed of deep down inside.

It can be hard to be patient. It can be even harder to stop looking for love when you are out dating to do just that. Try to relax into being yourself and enjoying who you are.

Date with an open mind and an open heart.

Finding true love unexpectedly, as impossible as it may seem, happens to people every day. It really does! It will happen to you when you relax and become happy with yourself and open your heart in expectation and faith.