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Dating Tips for Your First Date


The first time you meet…

The best thing to do when you’re meeting someone for the first time is to make it light and casual.  Make the first meeting short and sweet like meeting for coffee or drinks.   That way your first date will be special, feel safer, and more than likely go more smoothly.  If you find that the date is not going well, you are not bound to stick around for an entire 7-course meal followed by a movie.  But, if you both have that certain chemistry and the date is going well, you can both agree to do something that was not planned.

Man and woman on a first date at a cafe

The first date can be an awkward experience for both of you.

Dating Tips for Your First Date

Be prepared mentally and emotionally for your first date.  It’ll lessen the anxiety and make the date more enjoyable.  These first date tips should help you out!

  1. Think Outside the Box  We’ve mentioned this before, but don’t do the traditional movie and a dinner. If you’re the one planning the date, look at their profile again. Think about the conversations you’ve had about the things they like to do. Find something you would both enjoy doing and plan that date. For example, golfing, an amusement park, a Segway tour in your city – something that enables you to talk while also enjoying something fun.
  2. Ask Open-Ended Questions  When you ask other people questions, they tend to like you better. Therefore, seek to get to know the person more by asking open-ended questions that expand on what you already know about them. Don’t make the mistake of asking them a question that was answered already. A good question could be something like, “I know you mentioned that you like painting; what type of painting do you like?”
  3. Don’t Turn It into a Booty Call  Even if you’re into casual hook-ups, the first date is not the right time. You want to get to know the person better. This is a tip for men especially; even when women have sex with you on a first date, they usually regret it and wish they didn’t. You don’t want your first encounter to be that way because you are sending the message that you are not interested in a long-term relationship, only casual sex.
  4. Say What You Feel  If you’re loving the date and enjoying the conversation, say so. If you think your date looks great, tell them. If you sit there silently while the other person does all the talking, you’re not going to get to know them and they’re not going to get to know you. They might even start wondering if you like them at all. Speak up.
  5. Don’t Be a Cheapskate  Whether you’re the man or the woman, if you’re the one who asked for the date and planned the date, expect to pay for it. Plan a date you can afford to pay for and then pay for it happily. If the other person offers to pay and you feel it’s a genuine offer, let them.
  6. Don’t Drink Too Much  If alcohol is involved in your first date, don’t get drunk. The first date is not a good time to over drink and make a fool of yourself. It’s time to get to know each other, and you need all your faculties to do that well.
  7. Avoid Negative Talk  Don’t tell your first date all your deep dark secrets. Don’t talk about your ex; don’t talk about anything negative if you can avoid it. You don’t want to bring down the mood of the date. You want your date to go home feeling uplifted by the first date. Additionally, you want to watch your language and be respectful. Get to know the person before you start dropping F-bombs all over the place.

woman feeling confident on her date with a man

First dates are generally awkward for both parties because a lot could be at stake.  First impressions are made instantly and can color the other person’s opinion of you.  Make sure you relax, be yourself, and don’t set yourself up with unrealistic expectations.  Knowing these things going out on your first date, will help you showcase yourself in the most positive light and you may even realize that you found love at first date!