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How to Love Yourself and Heal from Your Past


How can you love yourself and heal from your past since your past experiences shape your current situation? Healing from a painful past is a long journey, but the consequences of being haunted by your past can have devastating effects on your present life.  Negative experiences from your past can sear themselves in your psyche ...

Dispelling the Myth: All the Good Men Aren’t Taken


Every time I speak to one of my habitually single girlfriends, I hear them bemoan the “fact” that every guy they meet is either a creep, a loser, a pervert, unemployed, commitment-phobic, married, or gay.  They constantly whine and lament the dearth of eligible single men and that the reason they are single is that ...

Why Social Media is Ruining Your Relationship


Social media has brought a lot of positive outcomes to society in general, but especially to the evolution and possibility of relationships.  The ability to stay connected across distances and time zones makes it possible to be in touch and maintain relationships with loved ones and friends.  With the click of a button, we can ...

How Can I Make Myself More Attractive to Men


Many women worry that they are not attractive enough to attract the right man, and that may be true but probably not for reasons they think. While men do notice women for their physical traits and characteristics, physical attraction alone will not be enough to build a steady relationship. And although there are not a blanket set ...

Use Your Body Language To Attract the Opposite Sex


What your body language says about you can attract people or push them away.  These non-verbal cues are used universally across all cultures to convey communication.  But did you know that you may unknowingly send out the wrong signals to others even when you are not aware that you are doing so? Use Your Body Language ...