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man in bed with his woman while she sleeps and he is on his cell phone texting his lover

Why Do Men Cheat?

Cheating has been around for millennia, but the repercussions of infidelity are heartbreak, family disintegration, possible violence, and even financial ruin. And yet, people still cheat! Why do Men Cheat? What exactly is considered Cheating or Infidelity? If you asked a hundred people to define their definition of cheating we would probably come up with…
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renaissance woman mixing a love potion to attract a true love soulmate

Do Finding True Love Spells Really Work?

When you do a Google search for terms such as finding true love spells or spells to find my soul mate, etc., you’ll find over 2 million results.  Thousands of people all over the world are searching for a magic potion or incantation that will help them secure the lover of their dream. Magic Spells…
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image of a heart with a piece torn out because the love is not returned

Unrequited Love–Stop Wasting Your Time!

Unrequited Love:  Am I Wasting My Time on Him? Are you wasting your time pining away for someone who doesn’t love you back? Are you hoping and praying and wishing and hoping that he’ll notice you and see all the good qualities that you possess? Are you hoping that he’ll break up with his girlfriend…
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picture of a blonde woman smiling and attracting a man

How Can I Make Myself More Attractive to Men

Many women worry that they are not attractive enough to attract the right man, and that may be true but probably not for reasons they think. While men do notice women for their physical traits and characteristics, physical attraction alone will not be enough to build a steady relationship. And although there are not a…
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October 14, 2017 0
a woman seductively tilting her head back using her body language to attract a man

Use Your Body Language To Attract the Opposite Sex

What your body language says about you can attract people or push them away.  These non-verbal cues are used universally across all cultures to convey communication.  But did you know that you may unknowingly send out the wrong signals to others even when you are not aware that you are doing so? Using Your Body…
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October 7, 2017 1
silhouette of kissing couple

The Importance of Kissing in a Healthy Relationship

The importance of kissing in a relationship cannot be underscored enough.  Of course, kissing feels good and when we are attracted to someone or when we are in love, we kiss to show affection, peace, friendship, passion, sexual desire, and love. Think about your first kiss. Wasn’t it magical?  You were probably in elementary or…
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he's not that into you

10 Signs He’s Not That Into You

Ten Signs He’s Just NOT That Into You   Last week my girlfriend Christine called me and was very upset. You see she had met this man and had been “dating” and I say that loosely and will explain why. This very good catch, a successful man we’ll call Keith, suddenly stopped calling Christine. She…
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September 21, 2017 0
Photo of a man looking at a women who has her back turned to him. He's sad because she is his ex and he wants to get back with her.

Should I Get Back With My Ex?

Should I get back with my ex? This is a question I am asked all the time by people who write to me or friends who simply want my honest advice. My friend Betty was in a ten-year relationship with a good man named Fred whom she started to find boring and uninteresting.  They had…
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September 15, 2017 2
Why a Woman Can't Keep a Man photo of a woman being forceful with a man

Why Can’t I Keep a Man in My Life?

  Why can’t I keep a man in my life is a common question that women ask.  If you google the phrase, you will find over 81,000,000 million results which tell me that this is a commonly-searched question. Why do so many women struggle with keeping a relationship? But why are there so many women…
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a black and white photo of a two hands intertwined to represent a healthy relationship

Building a Healthy Relationship

  Building a healthy relationship once you have found the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with is a commitment you must make to yourself and to your partner.  All healthy relationships are based on a mutual reciprocity of love and respect. A RELATIONSHIP WHERE THERE IS NO RESPECT IS…
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