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6 Simple Rules for Online Dating for Men


Online dating seems to be the 21st century’s answer to your grandmother’s matchmaking services.  And while many men may view online sites as a quick and easy way to pick up women to “hook up”, many couples have legitimately found love on the internet.

But men, online dating is filled with pitfalls that could kill your opportunities of finding an ideal woman.  From your online profile to the ensuing conversation once you connect, there are some simple rules for online dating that you should follow to not turn off the lady on the other side of the screen.

6 Simple Rules for Online Dating for Men

  1. Your Online ProfileYour online profile should give a sense of who you really are.  Stay away from cheesy one-liners and cliches.  If you’re not sure how you’d describe yourself, ask a friend–not your mother.  Get some good quality photos that show you engaged in activities that you enjoy.  A picture tells a thousand words and what you may not say in your bio, your photo can say.
  2. Check Your Grammar–Men, believe it or not, there are many women who are totally put off by bad grammar.  If you can’t tell the difference between you’re and your, then you are limiting your chances of meeting an educated and discriminating lady.  Have someone proofread your writing before posting.  It’s all these little things that will improve your odds of women clicking on your photo and accepting your request.  Bad grammar is considered worse than bad sex so use that spell check!
  3. Lay off the Half-Naked PhotosNothing is the worst turn off than a man sending half-naked (or completely naked) pictures to a woman he hasn’t even met. (Unless it’s clear that you are hooking up but I don’t think you’d be reading this if that’s what you’re looking for.) You may think your family jewels are exceptional and the woman on the other side of the screen will be impressed with your endowment.  In reality, you may come across as a weirdo and perv and she may not want anything to do with you after that.  I’ve seen it happen way too many times with female friends and family. Resist the urge to do it.  Don’t send that picture!
  4. Engage in meaningful conversation–Lay on the charm but don’t be cheesy.  Women can tell if you’re being fake.  Look through her profile pictures to see what interests she may have. Ask questions to show you’re genuinely interested in her as a person.  Compliment her looks in a natural non-sexually aggressive way.  And if the online conversation goes well, ask her out for a face-to-face meeting.
  5. Arrange to speak via Skype or Facetime–because this is the internet, you should be wary and cautious of the person you’re talking to.  The woman on the other side probably feels the same way.  A good way to know if this person is who they say they are is by having Skype or FaceTime conversations before meeting in person.
  6. Face-to-face contact–When meeting for the first time, pick a place that’s accessible to both.  If you live far away from each other then you go the distance (literally) and meet up with her in her neck of the woods.  Don’t assume this first date is going to be a hook-up because she’s not thinking the same.

couple in love because they met online

These Steps Can Make Your Online Dating Experience More Successful

Meeting someone online with the goal of finding true love can happen if both of you know that that’s what you’re looking for.  If you have similar relationship goals, you should not worry about wasting each other’s time. And remember that the goal is to meet in person as often as you can.  That’s the only way you’ll really get to know each other.

Men, Perfect Your Online Dating Technique

Online dating may seem scary but many happily married couples can attest to the success of online dating sites.  But the connection you make online may sometimes be underwhelming when you meet in person.  It’s always best to be upfront and be yourself and hope that the other person is too.

Being at the top of your game when meeting a woman will ensure that you are confident and assured.  She won’t be able to resist you.

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