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3 Ways to Ask a Woman Out (Even If You’re Shy)


Shyness should not hinder you from getting the woman you want. Being shy is not an unsolvable problem. Some people used to be shy, but you’ll find them to be the most confident now.
It starts with training yourself to use the best techniques to cope with shyness. Asking someone out can be challenging even for those who aren’t shy. You can lack words to tell them that you want to take them out.
Asking a man or a woman out is not a big deal. The question is: will they accept the offer, or reject it? It is hard for someone to accept a clear rejection because you will start doubting yourself as not being good enough.

When it’s time to ask a woman out, she may reject you for being shy. This is because women always look for security from men – men take women out – and if you’re a shy guy, how can she trust you with her life?
Asking a man out when it comes to girls can be quite challenging. This is because men are not used to it.

It doesn’t matter whether you ask them out for the first, second, or third time. If you are shy, all these times feel the same. Therefore, how can we overcome this fear or shyness of asking someone out?

I am ready to take you through straightforward ways that you can use to ask someone out, even if you are a shy person. This is for both men and women; thus, be keen so as to avoid future rejections.
It’s time to get smart and overcome this issue for the last time. Therefore, let us go together through these fantastic tips.

Three Tips to Ask Someone Out Even If You’re Shy

These tips have been approved to function effectively for everyone, including the shy. Thus, you should not stress yourself out because the previous person refused your proposal, or you were too shy to ask them out.

We need to help each other so that we can all enjoy this life and have companionship. It is so bad for some to have soulmates while others do not know how to get there. Therefore, let me help you out with these detailed tips.

Pick a Special Day

During special days, people tend to have an open heart due to the special occasion’s merry mood. This can be an excellent day to ask her out without fearing rejection. Even if you are a shy person, it will be hard for someone to reject your offer given that you have attended their celebration. If it is her birthday, buy her a gift and be the first person to arrive at the party. She will be happy, and that is a chance you should take advantage of.

For women, you can also buy him a beautiful gift and say a few words to him. He will be compelled and will have no option but to accept your humble request. However, you should choose the right words that won’t put him off. Once you do, it’s harder for him to accept your offer.

Also, do not ask someone out when they are with their family. You may embarrass the person, and they might end up saying no and embarrassing you.

So you need to know when is the right time to ask her. You cannot ask when she is busy enjoying an event with friends. You will look like a desperate person who is yearning for someone to hang onto. I do not want you to lose your dream girl and lose your self-esteem at the same time.

Also, make sure you dress well for the event. The way you look talks more about you than you can imagine. This doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive outfits for the occasion.

While at the event, do not do anything daft which could annoy her. Once you mess up, that will be the end of the relationship. You will not get anything out of that event.

Make Sure You Find a Way to Communicate: Write your request on the sand, paper, snow, or window!

a man writing a letter to a woman

her. This is the best method for those who are shy to communicate their requests in person. Writing your request on the sand, paper, snow, or window will show her how romantic you are.

Keep the writing simple and straightforward. To make it appear romantic, write it when she is distracted so that it will catch her by surprise. However, you can also do it when she is watching, and all will be sweet.

You can also write her a note on a piece of paper. The language you use should not be offensive, and you must write your intentions clearly so that you do not confuse that person.

I remember some time back there was a pretty girl whom I could not approach in person. We used to meet, but I would simply say a few words, then depart. However, I realized that I was going to lose my chance if I did not act faster. Therefore, I got a piece of paper and made it appear attractive by trimming it into a heart shape. I wrote about ten simple words on the paper. The next day we met, and she told me she would be free on an upcoming day. Boom! I got her with this simple method which can be used by anybody out there.

You should understand that she is ready to be taken out. The only thing that your dream person is waiting for is for you to ask and you will be surprised. If you cannot write a note, then approach them with carefully prepared words, and I promise you, she will not reject your offer.

Take advantage of technology

There are currently so many ways that you can communicate with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Communicating on the phone can be quite an easy way to get your message across even if you are a shy person. You can video-call them and tell them a few sweet words. You can even sing them a romantic song that you know. In this way, you will make her feel loved and appreciated. After the song, use a few words to tell her that you will like to have a cup of coffee with her.

You can also compose a poem, record it, and then send it to her through any of the various social media platforms. You will make her happy, and she will be attracted to you. At the end of the poem, give her your request, and I can assure you that you will get positive feedback.

Try to allocate a few hours to talk to him/her over the phone. You cannot be shy to talk to a person face-to-face and, at the same time, be shy on the phone. Get to know each other well and, once the person trusts you, ask her out.

Be Romantic

romantic man who overcomes shyness by giving woman flowers

Another simple way is writing concise romantic messages that can be easily understood. Please don’t use words that can be easily misinterpreted as this may terminate the bourgeoning relationship. Try to send a message at least once a day.

The good thing with the internet is that you can use messages that are already composed for you. Pick one that suits the situation and send it to her, and you will be surprised at how efficiently things will pan out.

You can record your voice with detailed information that you want to pass to that person. Even if you are shy, you shouldn’t be nervous when recording your voice. Make the words come out clearly and try to speak sweetly.

Final thoughts

After reading all this, you now know how to ask her out even tomorrow. And nothing else will be difficult once she has accepted your offer.

Remain focused and relevant so that you may achieve what you want. You cannot wake up one day and find that you are no longer shy. You must try to reduce the shyness and use alternative ways to secure your dream woman.
Please do not lose hope in anything because the moment you think that anything is impossible is when it will become impossible. Using the above methods, I am sure you can land someone on a date within a few days and find the love you seek.