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10 Things That Turn Women Off


Men, if you want to know what are some of the things that will most certainly turn a woman off,  we’ve got you covered.  Some of you need a little guidance in understanding the female psyche and what she really likes.

When it comes to physical qualities and behavioral traits, there are things that you do that really will send a woman headed in the other direction, the one away from you!

So take note, gents, cause this one’s for you!

10 Things That Turn Women Off

So let’s get right to it.  Some of these pet peeves have to do with physical appearance and some have to do with personality.  If you find yourself guilty of any of these, fellas, pay attention and get ready to make changes.  You’ll be on the road to attracting the lovely lady of your dreams.

1. Hygiene:  Dating a man with poor hygiene is a deal breaker for probably 99% of women.  Poor hygiene and a slovenly appearance not only sends a signal that you don’t care about yourself, but you probably may not have any aspirations of bettering yourself either.  Additionally, there may be underlying reasons such as poor health or possibly even depression.  If you do have a health condition or suffer from depression, then you should seek medical or professional help, but if you’re just a sloppy mess because you’re too lazy to care otherwise, your dirty shoes, wrinkled clothing, dirty fingernails, bad breath, body odor, greasy hair, bad skin, and yellow teeth are all saying “sayonara” to that potential girlfriend.

2. Poor Fashion Sense:  Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and you want to make a positive one at that.  You don’t have to dress in expensive clothes to make a statement that you are classy, confident, and  assertive.  Ditch the excessive jewelry like the tacky pinky ring, super large earrings on both ears and the chain down to chest with your shirt open down to your belly button.  Nobody wants to see that.  Don’t dress super trendy or super conservative.  Pattern your fashion sense after friends and coworkers who you perceive to be successful with women.

3. Talking about yourself and your accomplishments, bragging, arrogant:  Ugh, you don’t want to sound like a real “tool”.  That one guy who is so deluded, lacks so much self-awareness and can’t read the room.  Don’t be that guy.  If you are indeed uber-accomplished, she’ll know in time. Or there will be a point in the conversation for you to mention it when she asks about you.  But don’t just go and have verbal vomit and dominate the conversation about how rich, successful, and amazing you are and how lucky she is to have met you.  Do yourself a favor and zip your lips and let her do the talking for a bit.

4. You don’t let her talk:  Sometimes men can be very nice and humble but also quite chatty.  Remember that women like to feel heard so if you’re out on a date and you dominate the conversation, you will come across as not caring about her or valuing her opinion.  Back to the previous reason, when you do not ask about her interests, don’t ask any questions, interrupt her when she speaks, or are constantly looking at your phone, you are sending the message that she is not interesting enough and that you’re on that date not with her, but with yourself.  It’s no wonder you’ll never see her again!

5. Trying too hard–lacking confidence:  While it’s true that we don’t want a man who is arrogant and self-absorbed, women also don’t want a man who appears weak and lacks confidence.  If you give the impression that you are trying too hard to please her, that you agree with everything she says, and that you lack a backbone, she will think of you as an unsatisfactory choice for a mate.  Remember that subconsciously women want a man who will be a provider for her children and a protector of the family.  A feeble man won’t inspire the confidence she needs to think that you are the ideal mate for her.

irritating guy on a bad date

6. Talking about your ex all the time:  There’s a reason she’s your ex and you’re no longer together.  Women really don’t want to hear you go on and on about how she broke your heart.  Save it for your priest, counselor, or therapist.  If you’re truly trying to move on and find a new relationship, bringing up past romances will surely be a turn off to the lady you’re trying to woo.

7. Talking poorly about ex and other women in general:  When you talk poorly about others, you come across as a gossipy, critical, snarky, judgmental, and mean-spirited jackass.

8. Making everything about sex, dick pics, trying to get her in bed, expecting porn-like behavior:  Don’t.  Just.  Don’t.

9. Too much cursing:  Although not necessarily true, if you swear excessively and use colorful language, you may be perceived as lacking intelligence or being less articulate than you really are.  Also, some people might be offended by the vulgar nature of swearing.  Clean up your language and learn to gauge the social settings where swearing may not be appropriate.

10. Chauvinistic–I saved the best for last.  If you believe in your heart and soul that men are superior to women, then you’re in for a difficult time meeting a woman and sustaining a relationship with her, especially that we’re well into the 21st century and women are recognized as being equal to men.  Your chauvinistic tendencies may manifest in innocuous ways such as believing that she must stay at home and raise the family, which is okay if you BOTH agree to it, or being overly protective of the little woman because she can’t fend for herself.  Being chauvinistic will greatly diminish your chances of finding a woman who values her independence and has a high sense of self-worth.

At the end of the day, woman want a man she can admire and respect.  They want a gentleman who is assertive and confident, but also loving, kind, respectful, and presentable.

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