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10 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

10 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

You want to find true love and happiness and you think you’ve met the woman of your dreams.  There’s just one little problem: her signals seem hot and cold.  You want to know where you stand and if you should continue to pursue her and not get your feelings hurt. Sometimes, getting a read on a love interest can be difficult, especially if your judgment is clouded by starry-eyed romance.  

10 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

But women will send out clear signals when they are interested in you. Often women will not directly come out and tell you they are not interested in you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. But trust me, they’re sending out signals that are loud and clear.  The problem is that your receiver is out of whack because of romantic interference.

But not to worry, I’m here to give you the top 10 warning flags to watch out for that let you know she’s just not that into you.

10 Red Flags That Tell You She’s Not Interested in You

1 she’s always busy when you ask her out–you call your girl to ask her out and she seems to never have room in her social calendar for you.  Whether she has to wash her hair, take granny to the podiatrist, Rover to the groomer, or is out of town indefinitely, you just can’t get her to pencil you in.  This means she has no interest in going out with you. You are not a priority for her or shed clear out her social calendar and find the time to see you.

2 she’ll cancel plans–this is worst than not having time for you because if she agrees to go out with you, and then she cancels, you will be sorely disappointed.  YOur illusions of a romantic date night are shattered and you’re left sitting at home or at the restaurant or bar by yourself.

3 she doesn’t initiate contact–are you always calling her?  Although women do like to be pursued by men, an interested woman will send you a text, give you a call, or try to see you and make contact by any means possible.  If your lady doesn’t ever reach out to you, it’s because you’re not on her mind. Again, she’s not thinking of you. 

4 she won’t answer your text–besides the fact that this is extremely rude behavior, not answering someone’s text is dismissive and contemptuous.  This practice actually has a name. It is called cricketing and if she’s doing it to you, she’s definitely someone you need to let go because it’s obviously not a very nice thing to do, and she’s not a very nice person.

women ignoring a man's text, a dating practice called cricketing
When she ignores your texts she’s cricketing you.

5 she only calls you when she needs something–she’s using you for her own benefit and self-serving purposes.  This is a person who is self-absorbed and knows that you’ll do anything for her. She doesn’t care that she’s leading you on but knows that you’re at her beck and call and has you wrapped around her little finger.  She calls you because she’s bored, lonely, or needs you for something.  And she knows you’re there because you’re always available. Believe me, the nicer you are, the more she will recoil from you. Women don’t like “nice” guys.

6 she talks about other men in front of you–she clearly doesn’t respect you and doesn’t see you as a potential lover. Unless she’s doing this as a ploy to make you jealous, which would mean she thinks you’re not into her, she’s clearly not thinking of you as boyfriend material. If she’s looking at other men and commenting on how hot or attractive they are, she’s clearly not that into you because she’d know how disrespectful and hurtful that would be.

7 she doesn’t let you pay–forget what you think you know about independent women.  The truth is when on a date, most women expect the man to pay. But here’s the thing, if you’re out with the woman of your dreams and she insists on going Dutch, she may be sending you a clear message:  I’m not interested in you that way. You see, subconsciously, women think that if you pay for them, they may just have to “reciprocate” or that you are expecting them to do so. By paying her own way, she’s sending you a clear message that she’s not into you.

8 she doesn’t introduce you to her friends–if a woman likes you, she’ll want to show you off, especially to her friends.  If you have not met any of her friends and she’s not open to introducing you to them, then that’s an indication that you’re not in her long-term plans.

9 she says she doesn’t want a relationship right now–right now means never.  She’s probably nice and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. If she were into you, she couldn’t help herself and the relationship would develop organically.  But you’re probably a nice guy and she knows it. She probably thinks she’s letting you down easy. But don’t be misled and think that you have a chance because of the words “right now”.  In girl talk, that means I’m not into you.

10 she says she just wants to be friends–this is the kiss of death. “Just friends” means she doesn’t want to have sex with you and she certainly doesn’t want anything serious. You need to move on with your life and forget about her.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer
Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer

Warning Signs That Show She’s Not Really Interested in You

As you can see, all these signs have one thing in common:  you’re not a priority to her. She’s not making an effort to be with you because simply speaking, you’re the last thing on her mind.  Of course, these are just guidelines and people can change their minds and love can grow where friendship only existed. But if this woman of your dreams exhibits many of these behaviors, then it’s time you move on to someone who is attracted to you and is not into playing games with your feelings because you deserve to find true love and happiness.


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