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Finding our life's partner or our one true love is something that we all dream about.  Finding true love means discovering that bond with a special person that as humans, we have been conditioned to seek out and nurture.  We are social animals and we need that connection with that special person to fulfill our need for intimacy, desire, appreciation, and ultimately love.

Love manifests itself in many ways and there are many ways to love and experience love.  But if you've found this website, chances are you are looking to find that one true love of your life.  We all have expectations and dreams about finding that special someone, and when those expectations or dreams don't come to fruition we are sorely disappointed and even defeated in our quest to find true love.


People in search of new relationships want to find someone who will complete them and make them feel whole.  That is why in our culture, we refer to our spouse or partner as our “better half”.  This person will be the love of our life, our life partner.  In a perfect world, we’d find our soul mate and we would live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  We’ve all experienced times where we thought we found Mr. or Mrs. Right when in reality, it was Mr. or Mrs. Right Now.

Finding True Love

So how can you find your one true love.  They say that there are plenty of fish in that proverbial sea but some of the fish can range from minnows to sharks.  And we’ve all been bitten by a shark or two. But don’t despair.  You found this website because you want to find your true love, your one true love, your soulmate, your love connection.

There are many programs out there touting expert advice about finding true love and we’re here to sift through all of them and have our relationship gurus and real people give you their review on what works and what doesn’t work.  And guess what?  We’d like to hear from you too!

There’s no one-way path to finding true love.  Sometimes you have to wander through the night in the dark forest to come out on the other side and see the bright shining sunlight of love’s true light.


Hi, my name is Erin and I want to help you navigate through your love problems.  Although I am now in an incredibly loving marriage this was not always the case.  I kissed quite a few toads before I finally found my prince charming in my mid 40s!  So I want to let you know that there is always hope no matter how young or “experienced” you are.

In my quest to find true love I talked to a lot of relationship experts, therapists, mentors, gurus, read relationship books, listened to relationship advice and I compiled a wealth of knowledge and information that helped me come to an understanding of how to find true love.

There are a lot of programs out there that claim to teach you how to find the love of your life and some are really good but some, let’s face it, suck.  Think of me as someone who takes the guess work out of sifting through all these relationship books, programs etc.

I’m here to help you with your love-starved life and point you in the right direction to figure out what’s not working in your love life and how to fix it.

Does he like me?  Will he ever love me?  What am I doing wrong? Am I trying too hard? Is he telling me the truth? Does he like how I kiss him?  Am I good in bed?  Do I know how to please him?

These are all questions we will answer here.  And if you think of topics you’d like covered, well, reach out to me in the email section.

I love to love and love love love.  Love makes the world go round, right?  Sounds corny but it’s so true.  When we’re in love we just feel right, and everyone deserves to find their perfect soul mate, their one true love.

I hope you love reading through all the blog articles and the reviews of the different programs and online dating services out there.



Here's to love...

Love yourself first, then others will love you.

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"Love is like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it."

― Nicholas Sparks

"It is better to love wisely, no doubt: but to love foolishly is better than not to be able to love at all."

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Finding your one true love is not impossible.  Even if you've been hurt before, or have felt that you'll never love again, I'm here to tell you to open your heart to the possibility of loving again.  Here we'll give you relationship advice from experts and our own writers' experiences.  We'll review programs and give you our honest opinions.  Most importantly, we want to make this site a safe space for you to come and contribute with your thoughts, hopes, fears, and heartbreak with the understanding that we're here to help each other out.


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