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10 Changes You Can Make to Find True Love and Happiness in the New Year


A year ends and a new one begins filled with the hope and anticipation of a fresh start. There's nothing quite like the feeling of a blank page and its endless possibilities to improve your life, such as your diet, your finances, and most importantly, your relationships. The new year always makes for the perfect catalyst ...

How to Survive the Holidays When You’re Single


It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, a time when everything is merry and bright and peace and joy fill the air. Hallmark Christmas movies play on an endless loop on your screen showing the same recycled storylines where the heroine finds her true love and unexpected love burns brighter than ...

“Relationshit” 7 Signs You’re in a Crappy Relationship


While some relationships start out with a bang, there are those that never get out of the proverbial gate. These are relationships where people are just not compatible but somehow, one or both partners manage to stay together even though they know the relationship is not fulfilling their emotional or physical needs. Neither partner wants ...

Signs You’re Dealing With a Serial Dater


If you’re looking for love in today’s complicated dating culture, you’re certainly aware of the pitfalls that dating in the 21st century can bring. This is because dating is not like it used to be. The proliferation of online dating sites has given us an abundance of people to choose from and the pickings are ...

Why Only the Happily Single Find True Love


Why is it that only the happily single find true love? It seems that people find love when they’re not looking to find it, when they have their life “together” and everything seems to be going for them. They are living life to the fullest and not preoccupied with finding love. And then LOVE happens. Cupid ...

What I Learned About True Love From Hallmark Christmas Movies


Every year I look forward to Hallmark’s Christmas movies. A predictable parade of characters, plots, and settings that somehow warms my heart and makes me want to move to those picturesque little Christmas towns in their far-away idyllic settings.  Everyone is beautiful. Everyone looks happy. There’s never any bad weather.   The towns are decked in ...

How to Overcome Insecurities in a Relationship


Feeling insecure in your relationship can be a destructive force that can ultimately sabotage your relationship and make the self-fulfilling prophecy come to pass. How To Overcome Insecurities In a Relationship Feelings of insecurities can plague all of us occasionally but when feeling insecure becomes chronic and starts to affect your relationships you must take a step ...

Weird Dating Trends and Terms You Should Know and Probably Avoid


Okay, so you thought that trying to find your one true love was hard enough, and now add to the mix having to become familiar with all the crazy dating trends and the slang used to define those trends. Unsurprisingly, some of these terms are used to describe trends and actions that were around since cavemen ...

5 Things You Need to Stop Doing Right Now if You Want to Be Truly Happy


We all want to live contented and satisfied lives.  At our core, we just want to be happy. But chasing the happiness rainbow can be frustrating and elusive.  The truth is that being or feeling happy is a state of mind that is influenced by the beliefs that have ingrained themselves into our psyche and ...

Tips To Shortlist Your Prospects On A Dating Website


No doubt online dating has become a most reliable and efficient way to find your next partner, but few people are still struggling to find their ideal partner through dating websites. This is because going on an online dating site can be daunting and overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many options, so ...

10 Fun Ideas for Going on Your First Date


He finally asked you out.  Or she said yes to going out on a date with you.  Going on your first date can be both nerve-racking and exhilarating. You want to make sure you get things right and make a good impression but at the same time, you want to keep it light and fun. 10 ...

Love the Second Time Around with the Same Person


When you've been with someone you thought was "the one" only to have your heart broken by that person, you'll find that you may harbor feelings of distrust and resentment toward them.  You don't want to give the relationship a second chance for fear that you will be hurt again.  You ask yourself if finding ...

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